Since 2002, we have installed home garage car lifts and serviced home car lift systems parking stackers all over Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. Here are same of the projects photos:

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Anecdote – Residential garage car lift: The Suspended Platform Parking System SPPS A potential client contacted Romax voicing a pressing need for a parking solution. They reside in the Beaches district where parking space is limited, side streets are frequently occupied by tourist vehicles, and home garages, if they exist, can only hold one vehicle. Our client, having a large size SUV for daily transportation and a second Subaro Impreza their spouse’s vehicle, was caught in a frustrating dilemma. They were forever seeking parking space on nearby side streets and paying large sums for a countless number of ever accumulating parking tickets. The client finally surrendered and reached out to Romax pleading urgently for a home garage parking solution. Romax Parking Solutions took in the whole scope of the clients’ problem and closely examined their current home garage parking and came up with two residential parking solutions.

The first residential parking concept was to install a subterranean home garage car lift. This home garage parking lift required pit construction in the existing home garage to enable the home garage parking lift to descend vehicles to an underground level, while allowing another vehicle to be parked at ground level. The second solution was to install an over ground home garage parking lift. This solution required modification to the roof structure prior to installation of the residential garage car lift. The height of the existing home garage was insufficient to accommodate the home garage car lift. Romax offered to alter the roof by cutting out the roof truces and replacing them with a brand new cathedral ceiling. This revision made it possible to install the home garage parking lift; the Suspended Platform Parking System, an above ground residential garage car lift. Moreover, Romax suggested hiding the supporting posts of the home garage parking lift within the wall. Hidden posts provide the advantage of a completely cleared garage floor while a vehicle is raised on the top platform of the residential garage car lift. Hidden posts result in a sharp, clean, and modern look in the client’s home garage. This home garage parking lift allows any large size vehicle, such as a large class SUV, to be parked on either ground level or on a suspended platform, at a higher altitude in the client’s home garage. The residential garage car lift permits that one vehicle be parked below while another is raised overhead. The residential garage lift therefore holds two cars simultaneously. With the home garage car lift, it is now possible for two cars to be parked in the space of one parking spot.

Project Photo 1 Project Photo 1

Today our client enjoys their residential garage car lift that accommodates both theirs and their partner’s working vehicles. With the residential garage car lift they no longer need to waste time searching for parking space on side streets, or pay large sums for accumulative parking tickets. The client has the convenience of parking their vehicles indoors in their home garage where the cars are shielded in a hazard free zone, and secure as they are parked footsteps’ distance from the client’s doorsteps. What is more is that the home garage parking lift is a low maintenance residential garage car lift. The home garage car lift provides the luxury of adjusting the distance between the top and bottom platform to operator’s desire. This feature gives the client the leisure of switching between which of their vehicles they desire to maintain on the bottom versus which one they prefer to have raised on the top platform of the home garage car lift, depending on the season, the time of year, etc. The residential garage car lift permits the client to change or replace their vehicles when needed or desired on their own discourse, which is made possible by the adjustability of the residential garage car lift.

Romax Residential Parking Solutions offers a variety of parking systems; from simple car lifts requiring no pit construction, to car stackers and home car elevators.