About Romax Parking Solutions

Romax Parking Solutions Ltd, established in 2002, is the most experienced maintenance and service provider for car parking systems in Canada.

We architect, implement and provide services for commercial and residential parking systems applications. We have a strong background in both mechanical engineering and construction. Our technicians are highly qualified; trained in Europe and North America. We are flexible and on each project, we can adjust our service to ensure we meet your specific parking system goals and requirements.

In 2010, Romax Parking became the exclusive Canadian distributor for Park Plus Inc., the largest car system supplier and manufacturer in North America.

Commercial Car Parking Systems

Installment consists of three main options:

  1. Install parking systems for new construction buildings such as condominiums, government buildings, hospitals, medical centers, car dealerships, airports, shopping centers, etc.
  2. Modify your outdoor parking, including completing the entire construction involved with installing new outdoor parking systems, thus increasing parking space.
  3. Upgrade your existing underground parking to multiply parking space.

Residential Car Parking Systems

Visit our residential car elevator site: Residential car elevators.

Application consists of seven basic options:

  1. Install parking lifts in new development residence garages.
  2. Install parking lifts in existing garages (provided that garage meets appropriate height requirements).
  3. Reconstruct existing garage interior roof structure to meet height requirements.
  4. Construct new, higher roof to meet height requirements.
  5. Build a concrete pit under existing garage floor to create additional parking space.
  6. Create new parking space in your home basement, using a car elevator via installment of a concrete pit in your attached garage.
  7. Install an exterior parking lift on your property.

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Parking Systems Maintenance and Service

We take care of our machines; providing regular maintenance service. Our customer service is 24/7!

Our goal is to maintain our machines in such great condition that there is no need for additional service calls.

However if a service call occurs, we will make every effort to be at the site within 60 minutes. Visit our services section for further details.

24/a day service

Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA)

We are registered and certified by Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA).
Our technicians are trained in North America and Europe and adhere to highest safety standards.

Romax Residential Parking Solutions offers a variety of parking systems; from simple car lifts requiring no pit construction, to car stackers and home car elevators.